What does cologne smell like? Share the experience of using cologne

More and more men are beginning to pay attention to the details of their images, and perfume is the embodiment of masculine charm and personal taste. Different fragrances may represent a man’s personality, so what does cologne smell like? Let’s take a look.

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1.What does cologne taste like

Cologne is a sweet and fresh aroma of citrus with orange blossom, rosemary and lavender. Cologne has a distinctly fresh oily feel that is pleasantly refreshing.

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2.What is the difference between cologne and perfume for men

Perfume can be roughly divided into the following four categories: cologne, eau de toilette, perfume and essence, the difference is the proportion of spices. We know that perfume is made from distilled water, alcohol and spices. Therefore, according to the proportion of the fragrance ingredients, its use is very different.

Cologne is not a perfume for men. Cologne is just a grade name of perfume. Perfume is divided into four grades: essence, eau de toilette, eau de toilette and cologne. Cologne has the lowest fragrance precision and the shortest fragrance, so it is more suitable for men.

Eau de Cologne EDC 3~5% 1~2 hours Most of the cologne has a refreshing citrus tone. It is suitable for use after exercise, after bathing, or when you want to change your mood and restore your spirits.

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3.Experience of using cologne

I don’t have one of my favorite cologne brands. I like the light and elegant smell of cologne on boys. I hate those pungent perfumes. The eau de parma is really…so charming…the gift box was bought for men last year. A friend’s weekday gift, it was super cheap at that time, 100ml of Colonia black cologne + face cream + bath… I like this smell very much, the top, middle and bottom notes are very charming, the small one is the super sea-flavored one A light fragrance, there are six kinds of flavors in it, because it is a gift… Myself, I prefer the fragrance of magnolia and rose, and I am ready to go into it, compared to the very popular Jo Malone… It is too perfect.

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4.Can Men Use Fragrance?

Men can certainly use perfume.Men’s perfumes are generally best to use cologne or light perfume, because men are actually not suitable for using too strong perfume, and light perfume and cologne are two kinds of perfumes with extremely low concentration, of which the content of essence is relatively low, and it emits The taste is also relatively light and low-key, and when it is hot, the durability is relatively low. If men usually go out, no matter in any occasion, a light and low-key perfume will make you appear more stable and modest.

Post time: Jun-16-2022