Uniqueness at high temperatures: blown glass

Groups of molten glass raw materials fall into the crucible furnace with a temperature as high as 1500℃. The hot heat waves are rolling over and crushing the air, making people feel as if they are in midsummer instantly, and the two worlds are clearly distinguished from the cold outside-in the horizontal glass lampshade production workshop , Workers engaged in traditional glass blowing work have to do this every day in a high temperature environment exceeding 40 ℃.


In order to prevent burns, the workers wear long trousers and gloves. Although the clothes are soaked in sweat with the naked eye, there is no slack in the operation on their hands.

On the workbench, the hollow iron pipe with a length of about 1.5 meters in the hand of the worker is the key tool for glass blowing. They saw that they used an iron tube to gently pick the glass liquid, and a ball of orange liquid glass was just right attached to the mouth of the tube. After picking up the material, the mass of molten glass rolls evenly on the rolling plate. After the embryo body is symmetrical, the master bulges the cheeks with air, and gently blows the air into the iron rod. At the same time, he rotates the blowpipe so that the glass liquid fits the mold, and then blows vigorously for a while. The shiny transparent and elegantly shaped lampshade is Shaped.


Under the workbench, mainly female workers. They took the lampshades that were "blown out", cut them out, cooled them, sorted, edged, and packaged, and then sent them to various places for processing and decoration. "The glass blowing industry is very time consuming. From the day I entered the industry, I had to stop studying and practicing. If I didn't master the know-how, I couldn't blow big pieces." He Fanghui from Jiangxi entered the industry at the age of 15 and spent 23 years in glass blowing. A worker who can blow out oversized glass products weighing 30 or 40 catties. While chatting, he took off the two layers of gloves, his palms spread out, and the dense scald scars and thick calluses were shocking.

Lao He told us bluntly that glass blowing is a traditional craft that is disappearing. It is too hot, too bitter, and too tiring. The technique is very demanding. Although people are controlling the changes in the shape of glass, they are also restricted by glass. Only by fully grasping the characteristics of glass, can you be able to do well in blowing.
   The great change of the era is brewing new technological innovation and changes, and the rapid development of glass substitute materials is also the reason why this skill has gradually faded out of people's vision. Hand-made glass blowers like Lao He both participated in and were taken away from it. But in Lao He's opinion, before the machine can replace them, he won't give up easily: "If you should be serious, you have to be serious, at least before being eliminated, you have to be worthy of the craftsmanship we have been following for so many years."
        Rotate and change the angle while blowing to make the shape of the blown out more symmetrical and rounded.

Post time: Jan-12-2021