Must knowledge and side effects of lavender essential oils

Lavender essential oils have a lot of effect, a lavender essential oil has been anti-inflammatory, antifungal, anti-depression, and analgesic detoxification, step-down, etc., it is no wonder that it is very popular. However, when using lavender essential oils, pay attention to the use of the method to be correct and the potential side effects. The lavender essential oils here, plus the recommended lavender essential oils, allowing you to make more accurately play the benefits and role of lavender essential oils.


Lavender essential oil efficacy 1: Improve insomnia
Every night, in the bed, it is difficult to sleep, lavender essential oil may be your insomnia saving. A number of studies have found that lavender essential oils help to promote sleep and confrontation insomnia, increase the percentage of healthy men and women's depth sleep time, improve sleep quality and sleep duration.

Recommendation usage: Dropping 2 drops on the pillow before going to bed, or dripping a few drops of lavender essential oil on the aromatherapy appliances, can help alleviate insomnia.

Lavender essential oil efficacy 2: Eight of anxiety
Urban people's life is high, the nerve is tight, and the aroma of lavender can alleviate anxiety, and improve emotions.

In one study, researchers found that lavender oils can fight against general anxiety disorders. In the six-week, a group of participants took the anxiety of drug Laurazepam, while the other group took oral dose lavender oil. At the end of the test period, the degree of anxiety reported in the two groups is almost identical - 45% and 46%, respectively. It can be seen that lavender essential oils can effectively reduce anxiety level and stabilize emotions.

Recommended usage: When you are irritating, you can drop the lavender essential oil on the cotton pad, or smell the essential oil bottle directly with the nose, help the town to be mood, and relieve the pressure.

Lavender essential oil efficacy 3: Soothing eczema
Lavender oil can not only alleviate the mind, but also calm the body skin, calming skin, and skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis have good response to the anti-inflammatory characteristics of lavender oil. Lavender oil has the ability to calmly stimulate the skin, especially for psoriasis, because psoriasis is usually caused by anxiety, and the grass oil can be used to alleviate skin discomfort and there is an anthrapeutical action.

Recommendation usage: 50 drops of lamofacial oils and a bottle of 30 ml of sweet almond oil can be mixed together and coated on the skin with eczema or psoriasis.

Lavender essential oil efficacy 4: Body aphid
Most people are attracted by the unique aroma of lavender, but mosquitoes hate the smell of lavender, so lavender essential oils are very effective for mosquito repellent.

Suggested usage: If you are unfortunately bit it, mix the essential oil with a small amount of soda powder, and apply it in your bites to help reduce redness and itching.

Drip the lavender essential oil in cotton, put it in the corner of the wardrobe, can help the clothes, and bring the fresh and elegant aroma to the clothes. In addition, it is also possible to produce a high concentration of spray with alcohol and water, and sprayed in a corner that often appears in mosquitoes.

Lavender essential oil efficacy 5: antifungal infection
Lavender oil has the characteristics of antibacterial and antifungal, which can inhibit mold growth. Therefore, there is a certain effect on the skin problems caused by fungi, such as Hong Kong's feet.

Recommended usage: tea tree essential oil 2 drops + no medicine essential oil 1 drop + lavender essential oil 1 drop + warm water 1000ml, blend the essential oil into warm water, soak the feet, gently press 揉, contribute to essential oil absorption.


Before using lavender essential oil, you must pay attention to the following:
1. Women who are pregnant and breastfeeding, as well as children should avoid using essential oils.
2. Although lavender essential oil can be applied directly to the skin, the component should be controlled within 1 drop. To use a wide range of use, you must dilute or use the base oil to use to avoid burden on the body.
3. Patients with high hypertension, epilepsy, nerve and kidney, please use it carefully. It is best to ask the aromatherapist or consult a doctor before use.
4. Please avoid the child directly, so as not to misuse.
5. The essential oil is preferably not orally unless you have an indication of the registered aromatherapist or registered doctor.

Post time: Nov-26-2021