Glass 3D UV laser making the artistic beauty

Glass 3D UV laser marking machine to create the artistic beauty of the glassGrape wine luminous cup, peach bamboo teacup test……Since ancient times, cups have not only played the role of containers, but also endowed them with artistic beauty through different materials and techniques, making them more ornamental and valuable for collection.The most common thing in a glass is a glass. However, glass is fragile and curved. How can an ordinary transparent glass be turned into a work of art?In the past, it was generally achieved by manual carving.The craftsman uses the depth and twist of skillful knife techniques to create patterns on the glass.However, this is very demanding for the craftsman, and it takes a long time, and the process is relatively simple.In order to solve this industry problem, as the leader of the laser marking industry, Chuangke laser focus on laser marking machine for 13 years, with leading research and development capabilities and combined with many years of industry experience, the industry took the lead in the development of glass 3D UV laser marking machine.It can be widely used in red wine glass, goblet, champagne glass, wine glass, wine glass surface engraving, carving, LOGO marking, etc., endowing the artistic beauty of the glass, so that the glass with a strong sense of art make up people’s delicate taste life.And this kind of glass can be laser 3 d uv laser marking machine, laser marking machine, which is different from traditional adopted the self-developed triaxial dynamic technology and 3 d software control system, through the triaxial lens shift, realize the free variable focal length, that all gathered in need to focus on the spot after playing the underlying object plane, solve the traditional laser marking machine carved on the glass surface problem, make the font deformation has become the past tense.It can be carved not only on curved surfaces, but also on stepped surfaces, slopes, cylinders, cones and other shapes.Even very complex patterns can be carved quickly and accurately, which is more efficient.The pattern made by the glass 3D UV laser marking mechanism is clear, delicate and textured, without any residual substances, and will not damage the glass or affect the nature of the glass, but make the glass more delicate and elegant.Although the glass is not as dazzling as jewelry, but through the laser glass 3D UV laser marking machine carved out exquisite patterns, give the glass more rich expression, make the glass more appreciation and collection value.

Post time: Feb-10-2021