• The benefits of glass repackaging

    Design and development of suitable drug packaging to ensure the safety of the drug transport storage and management is very important Drug packaging materials mainly made of plastic or glass Generally speaking, the glass is preferable, because it is easier to disinfect In this paper, we discuss h...
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  • Market expectations turn for the better and prices rise sporadically

    Within the lunar New Year holiday spot outbound stagnation of the basic glass, manufacturing enterprise is given priority to with stable production, general factory at present the level of inventory is lower than the same period of last year and the year before last Nearly two days production ent...
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  • Glass 3D UV laser making the artistic beauty

    Glass 3D UV laser marking machine to create the artistic beauty of the glassGrape wine luminous cup, peach bamboo teacup test……Since ancient times, cups have not only played the role of containers, but also endowed them with artistic beauty through different materials and techniques, ...
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  • Three major trends drive the growth of the cosmetic bottle and perfume bottle market

    A new study by TMR found three driving factors for the growth of the cosmetic and perfume bottle market in most countries. At the same time, the company also expects the cosmetic bottle and perfume bottle market to grow by approximately 5% from 2019 to 2027. Noting this research, the cosmetic bo...
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  • Glass market

    Photovoltaic (pv) glass demand is growing very fast in the future According to the survey of the relevant data, 2021 glass demand will still be good Although, now the spot in the fall, but the factory orders is more robust Because of previous prices, delayed a lot of orders Processing order has b...
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  • 2020-2027 glass bottle market forecast: growth rate of 5.10%

    According to a recent research report on the glass bottle market, the glass bottle market will grow at a rate of 5.10% during the forecast period from 2020 to 2027. Due to the increasing demand for environmental safety, the glass bottle market continues to grow.    Increasing recycling activiti...
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  • Uniqueness at high temperatures: blown glass

    Uniqueness at high temperatures: blown glass

    Groups of molten glass raw materials fall into the crucible furnace with a temperature as high as 1500℃. The hot heat waves are rolling over and crushing the air, making people feel as if they are in midsummer instantly, and the two worlds are clearly distinguished from ...
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  • High temperature tricks, blown glass

    Workbench, the worker’s hand is about 1.5 meters long hollow tube is the key to the glass blowing tool only they used iron pipe with a pick in the glass, a glass of orange properly attached after the nozzle to choose material, in the glass liquid evenly on roller plate rolling body symmetry...
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  • Glass product production and future market forecast

    Glass product production and future market forecast

    First of all, we must plan, determine and make the mold. The glass material is made of quartz sand as the primary material, and other auxiliary materials are melted into liquid at high temperature, and then written into the mold, cooled, cut, and tempered to for...
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  • The off-season does not change the glass supply and demand trend

    With the continuous release of real estate completion demand, glass production line inventory continued to decline, the fourth quarter to maintain a tight balance of supply and demand rush demand support spot prices in December accelerated and continued to the end of the year; Glass phase in late...
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  • Glass bottles have become an indispensable part of the pharmaceutical industry

    Glass bottles have become an indispensable part of the pharmaceutical industry

    As a silicate inorganic material, glass has relatively stable performance, smooth and transparent, and is particularly suitable for packaging, storage and quality preservation of medicines. At the same time, the price of glass is relatively cheap compared to other materials. In recent years, with...
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  • Glass bottle market forecast for 2020-2027: growth rate of 5.10

    The glass bottle market is forecast to grow by 5.10 per cent between 2020 and 2027, according to a recent glass bottle market study.The glass bottle market continues to grow due to the growing demand for environmental safety.   Increasing recycling activity in emerging economies, increasing ...
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